Kristen Stewart thinks Hollywood is 'phoney' for only supporting ‘chosen four’ female filmmakers

Kristen Stewart thinks Hollywood is 'phoney' for only supporting ‘chosen four’ female filmmakers
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Kristen Stewart has criticised Hollywood over its "phoney" representation of female filmmakers and says more should be done to "broaden perspective".

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Twilightactor's comments come as she is currently working on her directorial debut for the film The Chronology of Water - an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch's memoir.

Previously, Stewart has directed visual projects for musicians such as Boygenius.

Stewart explained how she needed "a sort of radical detachment" from Hollywood and is making the film in Latvia where there is a "fledging film culture" and the sets will be created into US cities such as New York and San Diego.

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During the interview, she called out the film industry in the US for only supporting ‘chosen four’ female filmmakers.

“[There’s a] thinking that we can check these little boxes, and then do away with the patriarchy, and how we’re all made of it," Stewart said.

“It’s easy for them to be like, ‘Look what we’re doing. We’re making Maggie Gyllenhaal’s movie! We’re making Margot Robbie’s movie!’ And you’re like, OK, cool. You’ve chosen four.”

While Stewart noted that this is a systemic issue, and it wasn't having a go at the female filmmakers she mentioned.

"I’m in awe of those women, I love those women [but] it feels phoney."

She continued: "If we’re congratulating each other for broadening perspective, when we haven’t really done enough, then we stop broadening.”

“You know, [a film] that’s not regurgitating something that’s pretty standardized," Stewart said on Hollywood producing the same types of film that are guaranteed financial success.

There was also a hint from Stewart on what viewers can expect from her film.

"My movie is about incest and periods and a woman violently repossessing her voice and body, and it is, at times, hard to watch…but it’s gonna be a f****ing thrill ride.”

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