Kristen Stewart hits back at right-wingers triggered by Rolling Stone cover

Kristen Stewart hits back at right-wingers triggered by Rolling Stone cover
Kristen Stewart 'really happy' with androgynous Rolling Stone cover shoot
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Kristen Stewart has hit back after her Rolling Stones cover shoot was criticised by right-winger commentators.

One image from the striking shoot sees Stewart with a hand down her jockstrap, telling the publication: "I want to do the gayest f***ing thing."

"If I got through the entire Twilight series without ever doing a Rolling Stone cover, it’s because the boys were the sex symbols," she said at the time. "Now, I want to do the gayest f***ing thing you’ve ever seen in your life."

The cover shoot predictably upset right-wingers, with Rolling Stonereporting that the publication and Stewart were accused of pushing “queer and non-binary ideology”.

Stewart was asked about the criticism while appearing at the Berlin Film Festival, where she stood by the shoot.

“In fact, it’s pervasive and it’s everywhere and it’s being denied and it’s crazy that there aren’t more pictures like that. I loved the opportunity,” the actress said.

LOVE LIES BLEEDING - Behind The Scenes Talk With Kristen Stewart | Berlinalewww.youtube.com

Stewart went on to say: “The era of queer films, being so pointedly only that, is over. It’s done. Maybe they’ll happen, but I think things develop and move on. It’s just so inherent to how we’re all moving forward. It’s not making [movies] about the reasons that they’re sidelined, but peoples’ actual experiences, what they love, what their desires are, where they come from, where they want to go and, yeah, not feeling like you always have to stand on a fucking soapbox and be everyone’s spokesperson.”

Stewart, who came out in 2017 during her SNL monologue where she took a swipe at Donald Trump, spoke during the original interview about other figures in Hollywood and how being queer has not affected her career.

"And it goes: Jodie [Foster], me, boygenius," she explained. "I’m in the middle. Do you know what I mean? Jodie had such a hard time [as a gay actor], and I’m not speaking for her — I am objectively analysing the time and place in which she was being her, and that is not easy — I would say f***ing near-impossible if you wanted to continue doing what you love."

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