People recall how much Kylie Jenner cost Snapchat after she criticised Instagram updates

People recall how much Kylie Jenner cost Snapchat after she criticised Instagram updates
Almost All Instagram Videos Will Now Be Made Reels
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Instagram has brought out some new app updates - much to the disapproval of its second-biggest user Kylie Jenner who has urged the platform to go back to its photo-sharing ways.

While scrolling on your Insta feed you've perhaps spotted more Reels creeping onto your timeline, or your posts not quite getting as much engagement as before.

It seems that a lot of other users have noticed these changes too and believe the app's latest updates bear striking similarities to popular social media rival TikTok which is a video-based platform.

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Especially given it was announced last week that videos on the gram will automatically become Reels and videos have become full screen, The Vergereported.

Now, Jenner has called on Instagram to revert back to its previous form on her Insta stories to her 360m followers as she shared another person's post that has asked for the same request.

“Make Instagram Instagram again,” the post reads. “(Stop trying to be tiktok i just want to see cute photos of my friends). Sincerely, everyone.”

"Pleaseeeeeee," Jenner added in a plea to Instagram bosses, while her sister Kim Kardashian who is also a popular figure on the app (326m followers) shared the same post and similarly begged: "Pretty please."

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian urge Instagram to "stop trying to be TikTok" and go back to being a photo-sharing appInstagram/Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian

The Change.org petition related to the original post has over 140,000 signatures.

Jenner's latest criticism of Instagram has reminded people of the financial impact she had on another social media app, Snapchat back in February 2018.

In a tweet, to her then 24.5 million Twitter followers the influencer and reality TV star shared how she no longer used the multimedia messaging app after it was redesigned in an update.

"sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad," she wrote.

Turns out her brief remarks had significant repercussions on the company when its shares dropped by 6 per cent a day after the tweet and Snapchat lost a whopping $1.3bn within the space of a week as a result of the comments.

Given her latest disapproval of Instagram's update, people can't help but wonder if this will result in similar financial implications like Snapchat suffered.

Though not everyone agrees that history will repeat itself as Taylor Lorenz, the Washington Post's tech columnist, noted that while Instagram has a "big problem," Jenner had more power over Snapchat and added her engagement rate on Instagram "isn't what it used to be."

Now Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, has responded to all the criticisms regarding the recent updates.

"There's a lot happening on Instagram right now," he said in a video.

"We're experimenting with a number of different changes to the app and so we're hearing a lot of concerns from all of you."

He went on to explain the new full-screen version of the feed is actually a test to a "few percentage of people out there" to see if a full-screen experience is "more fun and engaging," clarified it is "not yet good" so wouldn't be implemented to the rest of Instagram until it is at a "good place."

On a second point, Mosseri mentioned the increase in video content on Instagram.

"Now I want to be clear: we're going to continue to support photos - it's part of our heritage," he said.

"That said, I need to be honest - I do believe that more and more of Instagram is going to become video over time," as Mosseri explained how more users are posting videos to their Instagram feed and consuming more video content too "even when we stop changing anything."

So there you have it, wonder if this explanation will satisfy Jenner...

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