Adam22's 'beef' with Jason Luv explained after infamous Lena the Plug sex scene

Adam22's 'beef' with Jason Luv explained after infamous Lena the Plug sex scene

Things have got very messy between Adam22 (centre) and Jason Luv (left) after his tryst with Lena the Plug


Porn isn’t exactly known for its complex plotlines, but one adult film has spawned a whole manner of twists and turns.

We’re referring to the now infamous collaboration between podcaster Lena the Plug and blue movie star Jason Luv.

At the end of June, the pair teamed up for a wildly explicit sex scene with the blessing of Lena’s huband Adam22.

However, three weeks on from the steamy encounter, Adam22 posted a diatribe against Louisiana-born Luv, telling him he was “officially blacklisted from smashing [his] wife again”.

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So what’s gone down between the three of them? And how did this ridiculous situation all come about?

Here’s everything you need to know (and a lot that you probably don’t) about porn’s latest big fallout.

How did this all begin?

In a recent episode of his ‘No Jumper’ podcast, Adam22 (real name Adam Grandmaison) and Lena (full name Lena Nersesian) revealed how the seeds of the scene were planted at the very start of the year.

Adam22 explained that they were in Las Vegas back in January when they bumped into Luv.

The YouTuber recalled that he was filming a video for social media when he asked the adult entertainer: “Who's the hottest girl here?”

“[Luv] then put his arm around you and walked away with you,” he reminisced to his wife.

He said the clip swiftly racked up millions of views on TikTok and saw Lena flooded with requests to film a scene with the porn legend.

So, just before their wedding in May, Lena said she messaged Luv and told him: “Hey, I'm going to get married and [go] on my honeymoon, but when I come back we should shoot’.

“And he was like, ‘OK’.”

However, it wasn’t until June, when they all ended up in Las Vegas again, that they finally got down to business.

Lena said she and her hubby were having breakfast one morning when she pointed out that Luv was in town.

“I was like, ‘I think I'm going to shoot with Jason tomorrow,’ and you were like, ‘OK’, and I walked away,” she recollected.

“I went to wash the dishes or something, and then I come back and you're just like, ‘No facial, no kissing,’ – that was the extent of the conversation.

“And then I left the next day to do it. And you barely said bye to me because you were playing poker.”

Why was it a big deal?

Adam22 and Lena are known for their ‘Plug Talk’ show, which sees them interview a female porn actor, then have sex with her at the end of the episode.

But this was the first time she’d had sex with another man since the start of her relationship with the YouTuber seven years ago.

During their ‘No Jumper’ chat, the couple estimated that they’d had around 200 threesomes together over the years – almost 100 for ‘Plug Talk’, plus “a bunch in our private life, plus a bunch for [Lena’s] OnlyFans”.

However, her tryst with Luv was her “debut scene with another man”, they said.

What was the response to the sex scene?

According to Lena, she’d received “a lot of positive reaction”, while Adam22 had been subjected to a lot of “hate”.

"He can handle it, he's a big boy,” she told TMZin the immediate aftermath, before stressing: "There's way weirder sexual things out there than what we currently have going on."

The content creator then defended her fella against taunts that he was a “simp” for allowing his wife to sleep with another man.

"I've had 200 threesomes with him and women. Is that a simp?” she asked.

"Someone who's been given all of this sexual experience and I get one guy and it's like a big deal?"

In a separate interview for Adin Ross' YouTube channel she admitted that she found her experience with Luv "interesting and fun."

Asked if she would “choose Jason over [her] husband”, she replied: "I have had sex with one person for seven years, and although Adam is very exciting to me sexually, a new experience is always going to be a little more interesting and different.

"Adam could attest to that,” she continued. “A lot of the threesomes we have are probably a lot more fun than him just f**king me on a regular night."

Still, she stressed, she was happy with her lot. Telling Ross: “I had fun with Jason, but I still have a lot of fun with my partner and I don't prefer Jason's d**k over Adam's."

How did Adam22 feel once the scene was done?

“I felt a little jealous at first,” he admitted in a tweet a week after the collaboration. “But overall it wasn’t that big a deal.

“She’s watched me sleep with hundreds of girls and it’s never affected our relationship,” he continued.

“Sleeping with that gentleman has been amazing for both her career and our business [‘Plug Talk’]. Overall I’m glad we did it.”

He later proved that he fully embraced the whole thing by lavishing his wife with an extravagant gift.

The self-styled hip-hop expert posted a video to social media showing Lena standing with her eyes closed next to a green Lamborghini.

Addressing the camera, he then announced: “OK, Lena, I’m so proud of you doing your first ever BBC scene that I decided that I wanted to get you a little something nice.”

She then opened her eyes and shrieked: “What? This? For me? Babe!” before embracing her husband.

(For the avoidance of doubt, “BBC” does not refer to the British Broadcasting Corporation here but to a very explicit slang term that we most certainly don’t endorse.)


Got my baby something nice to celebrare her new scene! Love you boo ❤️ @Lena The Plug

What has Luv had to say about it all?

In an interview for the X-rated YouTube show ‘The Fan Bus’, Luv was initially full of praise for Adam22 and Lena, saying he felt “honoured that they think so highly of me that they would want me to be the first male she shoots with after so long”.

He bragged that he hit the podcaster with “all the best moves” during their scene, adding that he “was catching cramps in places I didn't even know I could catch a cramp”.

Luv admitted that the mum-of-one was “mad nervous” in the run-up to the big moment, telling his host that she was “shaking” and “giggly” and told him: “I feel like I'm cheating on my husband.”

He said he reassured her that she wasn’t cheating – that she had “permission” – and helped her to “calm down”.

The 38-year-old then acknowledged that there’d been some discussion of a threesome between Adam22, Lena and him, and confirmed that he was on board with the idea.

“[It’s my job to make money,” he said.

However, any hopes he harboured for a “round two” with the couple were swiftly, and categorically dashed, thanks to his next comments.

Asked, in the most direct way possible: “Do you think that you f**ked [Lena] better than Adam did?” he replied: “Well, obviously, yes.”

But, he acknowledged: “I'm pretty sure [it] probably feels different with Adam, for her, because love is involved – emotions – but as for the physical aspect of getting fucked, obviously.”

The interviewer then asked Luv if he still thought he’d be a better lover to her during a threesome involving Adam22, to which he responded: “100 per cent.

“It would be like [...] about. And obviously I'm the stronger fighter, so I'm away.”

How did that go down with Adam22?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he didn’t take too kindly to Luv’s assessment.

Positively seething with rage in a video uploaded to Twitter on Monday night, he said: “Hey, Jason Luv, I trusted you to p**k my wife and it seems like that clout is getting to your head. I'm talking real, real spicy and I ain't really feeling it.”

Defending his own honour, he chose to make two key points, the first being that “the angle of the dangle is more important than the cubit of the pubic.”

“Number two,” he continued: “My D game, when I'm serving it, man, it's just like your mum's home cooking because there's a special ingredient – it's called love. You ever heard of it?”

He then moved onto an ominous third point, threatening Luv: “Don't make me expose you, and you know what I'm talking about – it could get real, real messy out here.”

Wrapping up his tirade, he warned: “You don't want problems moving around in these LA streets cause I can make that happen. I'm very, very well connected.”

He then concluded with his final point, telling the porn star: “You are officially blacklisted from smashing my wife again.”

What happens next?

So far, there’s been silence from the Luv camp in response to Adam22’s threats.

But everyone wants to know the secrets the ‘No Jumper’ host claims he could easily “expose”.

All we can say at this stage is that a threesome is definitely off the cards.

And, clearly, there’s no luv lost between them all now.

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