Trump mistakenly calls Lil Pump 'Little Pimp'

Rapper Lil Pump appeared baffled when he walked down a busy street in Japan as no one appeared to recognise him.

While Americans may know Lil Pump - whose real name is Gazzy García - as a Soundcloud rapper who has released songs such as 'Gucci Gang', 'Arms Around You', his collab with Kanye West 'I Love It' and has 6,976,736 monthly listeners on Spotify it appears his music hasn't reached Japan.

In the humbling video, Lil Pump looks around the busy street and people pass him without a glance as he put his hands up and then folds his arms in confusion at the setting.

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The clip posted by TikTok account @firesnippet wrote as the caption: "Why no one knew."

It was a question that was repeated in the on-screen text which asked: "Why no one knew Lil Pump on the streets of Japan."


Why no one knew #LilPump in streets of #Japan 🇯🇵 😂

Since posting the TikTok, it has received 2.3m views, and 203,000 likes, along with several thousand comments who roasted the rapper's lack of fans in this particular video.

One person wrote: "They probably thought it was Jack Sparrow."

"Hahaha same as Australia," another person said, while someone else similarly added: "So basically the same as the US."

"I love it when famous people don’t get recognized and you can clearly see it hurts their ego," a fourth person replied.

Though perhaps it was bad timing as Lil Pump took to Instagram where he praised his Japanese fans, and posted a photo with one where he wrote: "Tokyo shows love. Love y’all, be back soon."

The TikTok account that posted Lil Pump not being recognised also posted a follow-up video where he appeared to find some fans in the end where people stopped to pose for a selfie with the rapper.

"The people of Japan actually knew Lil Pump," the on-screen text read.


The people of #Japan actually knew #LilPump 🔥🇯🇵

However, it didn't stop the mockery in the comments section where people said "his team probably paid them to pretend," or that "they just saw an American."

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