‘I said that?’ Lil Wayne praises rap bars, but forgot he wrote them
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With a music catalog that spans more than 25 years, it’s completely understandable that Lil Wayne doesn’t remember every single lyric he’s ever penned.

Respected as one of the greatest emcees of all time, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has been celebrated worldwide for his skilled rhymes.

But recently, when the rapper heard a few lines from the remix of his iconic, chart-topping song “Lollipop,” he seemed surprised that he was able to come up with a rhyme scheme like that.

Darnell Smith of Fox Sports had a sit-down interview with Weezy where he heard a few gems of wisdom from the rapper.

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“You are still doing what you’re doing. For real, the way you do it. From Day 1, you had the same enthusiasm, and you keep the same enthusiasm, which is f****** contagious,” the rapper said in praise of the interview with Darnell Smith.

But a funny moment that happened during their insightful exchange is now viral.

In the clip, Smith mentions Wayne wrapping, “Safe sex is great sex / Better wear a latex / ‘Cause you don’t want that late text / That ‘I think I’m late’ text.”

However, Wayne stared in awe and replied, “I said that?! I don’t where I said, or why I said it,” the rapper continued.

Wayne also revealed that he doesn’t write down his lyrics, instead he thinks of these lyrics off the top of his head.

It’s nice to see that Lil Wayne is just as appreciative and impressed with his own lyrics despite not knowing what song they belong to.

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