Lionel Messi outbids Adin Ross for luxury Miami mansion

Lionel Messi outbids Adin Ross for luxury Miami mansion
Adin Ross claims he will interview Kim Jong-un on his stream
Adin Ross, Kick

Streamer Adin Ross has revealed he lost out on a bid for a luxury Miami mansion after being outbid by football legend and Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi.

Ross is a streamer whose career took off when he began playing the video game NBA 2K on Twitch in 2019. He has continued to rise as a big name in the streaming world and recently smashed streaming records by “interviewing” Kim Jong Un.

In March 2023, he signed one of the biggest streaming deals ever to exclusively use Kick – a rival to Twitch that started in 2022. While no official figure has been given, some reports have suggested the deal was worth $150 million across two years.

But, when attempting to spend some of his earnings on a reported $10 million Miami mansion, a certain Argentine footballer got in his way as Ross explained a “very, very famous professional athlete” outbid him for the home.

In a Kick livestream, he revealed: “It’s nothing about me being broke. I just didn’t get to there in time. I saw the house, but they were already in talks and all that.”

Ross continued: “The professional athlete is Messi. Messi’s parents, I believe it was. I think it was his grandparents, or I don't know who the f**k it was.

“Messi, they wanted a crib for their grandchildren to come over and s**t whenever they were playing games. I don't even know and they got it.”

Ross expressed his disappointment that he was beaten to it by the Inter Miami star and added that the house had its own movie theatre and “just a bunch of cool stuff going on”.

Finally, he suggested he was going to build his own house because he was struggling to find any others in Miami he liked.

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