Lisa Ann shares 'proof' of her innocence after being left 'bruised' by arrest

Lisa Ann shares 'proof' of her innocence after being left 'bruised' by arrest
The Shady Side Of Matt Rife
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Lisa Ann has offered evidence of her innocence following her controversial arrest at a Matt Rife show.

The porn legend, 51, was at Rife’s standup comedy gig in New York on Sunday night when she was filmed being escorted out of Radio City Music Hall by two police officers.

Footage of the moment, which the blue movie star later shared to X/Twitter, showed her turning to the camera, as she said indignantly: "I did nothing wrong. I didn’t touch my phone. I wanted to see Matt Rife ‘cause he's a friend of mine, and I go to jail.”

In an update shared in the early hours of Tuesday (UK time), Ann posted a screen grab of CCTV footage: touting it as proof that she was blameless in the whole affair.

In a caption to the pic, she wrote: "In this photo, I am seated facing the stage with my arm over my chair watching the show. The person on the phone was not me."

Whilst the image isn't the clearest, the person sitting directly in front of her does, indeed, appear to be holding up a device.

She later shared a statement thanking her supporters for "every bit of love they've thrown [her] way".

In the note, which she pinned to her X/Twitter profile, she said: "I'm still pretty shook up about last night's incident at Radio City. I respect and understand security during their jobs, yet when I expressed my phone was away in my purse, they [were] still insisting I was on my phone.

"The officers I dealt with took a misunderstanding to the next level and as the woman I am I stood my ground."

She continued: "I'm thankful for the paramedic who interviewed me in the ambulance and ultimately de-escalated the situation.

"I am sore, bruised both physically and emotionally, but I am feeling a lot of love from everyone, so thank you."

In the original clip, the 51-year-old, who hosts a podcast titled ‘The Lisa Ann Experience’, insisted that this episode was not a “bit”.

In a follow-up post, uploaded three hours after the first, she posted a series of photos of herself staring at the camera, hands cuffed behind her back, as one cop clutched a black leather handbag.

Alongside the images she wrote: “When [the NYPD] tells you / your purse is not yours, you have no rights, if you think different you get 51/50 in the hospital.”

“51/10” refers to a California law which enables the temporary and involuntary commitment into a psychiatric facility of an individual who presents a danger to themselves or others.

Ann then added a further update, alleging: “Tonight I was arrested and [harassed] by the NYPD - they offered me a choice to be 51/50 by ambulance & admitted to the hospital - or arrested [and] put in jail over someone thinking I used my phone during the @mattrife show.

“I’m at loss of words for what I just endured... Traumatic, unnecessary and extreme are topping my list of emotions.”

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