Logan Paul hits Ryan Garcia with Prime defamation lawsuit

Logan Paul hits Ryan Garcia with Prime defamation lawsuit
Logan Paul has launched a defamation lawsuit against boxer Ryan Garcia
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Logan Paul has hit Ryan Garcia with a defamation lawsuit as their feud intensifies on the back of comments Garcia made about Paul and KSI's energy drinks company Prime.

Professional boxer Garcia has had beef with Paul in the past with Garcia calling him out for a fight - Garcia previously told his millions of followers not to drink Prime because of supposed health risks.

He also took aim at the company after beating Devin Haney in a boxing match on April 20 who signed with Prime - Garcia then failed drugs tests.

Pornstar Savannah Bond, who Garcia is engaged to, also made comments online about Prime.

In a Tweet, Paul said: "Prime is under attack. Why?

"We're a threat. Prime is the most disruptive beverage in history and our competitors feel the pressure. It's likely that we've been targeted as the victim of a smear campaign.

"Clout chasers know they can use Prime's goodwill for attention and views.

"People don't like me or KSI. That's fine. But if you don't like Prime, don't drink it. No need to lie about the facts in an attempt to stay relevant.

"Today we begin to hold those accountable who've damaged our brand for attention while we correct the narrative. We're here to stay and will continue to change the world of hydration with bold flavors and creative innovation."

Paul also shared a screenshot of a defamation lawsuit that's been filed against Garcia.

The document claims: "Garcia has a history of stirring up controversy to promote his fights and personal brand, including by attacking other high-profile individuals and brands.

"Although Garcia at one time was on good terms with Prime, as Prime grew he decided to embark on a campaign of spreading lies about Prime, its hydration drink and one of Prime's owners, Logan Paul."

Prime Hydration allegedly has 'forever chemicals' in its bottled drinks with a court document made public during a motion hearing on April 18 saying the products are "adulterated, misbranded and illegal to sell".

A lawsuit has been filed against it for the levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) allegedly being found in testing of the Prime Hydration Grape Sports Drink specifically.

These are synthetic, man-made chemicals known to be harmful to both humans and the environment and are also known as 'forever chemicals'.

A filing dated May 2 revealed "damages claimed exceed $5,000,000 exclusive of interest and costs" - but that's only if the claim is successful and means Prime Hydration could have to pay out more than $5m if so.

Paul has previously hit out at the lawsuit, saying the study referred to in the court documents to bring this case forward is "b******t" and called out a TikToker on a video he posted about it - he's since called out a doctor for comments made too.

Now it seems Paul, and Prime, have had enough.

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