Mark Zuckerberg is creating an apocalypse-proof Bond villain compound in Hawaii for his family

Mark Zuckerberg is creating an apocalypse-proof Bond villain compound in Hawaii for his family
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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is building a compound with blast-proof doors, a huge underground bunker and fortress-like security, prompting comparisons to a Bond villain’s lair.

In fact, the £212m site is in Hawaii – on the island of Kauai – and is only 10 miles from former 007 Pierce Brosnan’s own home.

Silicon Valley billionaire Zuckerberg says the compound is for his family, though with two mansions and a small village of other buildings, the 1,400 acre project looks fit for an apocalypse.

The site, nicknamed “Koolau Ranch”, is already under construction, and includes more than a dozen buildings and several guest houses, with a total of more than 30 bedrooms and bathrooms.

The two main mansions have lifts, offices, conference rooms and “industrial-sized” kitchens, while another building will include a full-size gym, pools, a sauna, a hot tub, a “cold plunge” pool and a tennis court.

But it’s underground where things start getting really weird. According to plans lodged with the Hawaiian planning authorities, the two mansions will be connected by an underground tunnel.

And connected to that tunnel is a 5,000 sq ft underground bunker, complete with living and sleeping space, a mechanical equipment room and an “escape hatch”.

The main door will be metal, and filled with concrete, which is reminiscent of military-grade bunkers and bomb shelters.

Kauai, Hawaii, USA summer vibesKauai, Hawaii Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Meanwhile, the compound will also include a vast network of surveillance cameras and interior doors which can only be opened with a keypad.

Some of those will even be hidden doors, such as those in the planned library.

All of this is being built on Hawaii’s oldest and least developed main island. Kauai is nicknamed the “Garden Isle” because it is covered with rainforest.

It has been used as a set for films such as Jurassic Park, Pirates Of The Caribbean and even a film called The Descendants, which is about a Hawaiian family fighting against a luxury development on an otherwise pristine stretch of coastline.

With reports of locals being extremely unhappy about the famously uncharismatic tech mogul “colonising” their island, that plotline might not be so far from reality.

As for the 30 bedrooms and what appears to be a nuclear bunker?

Should be just about enough for Zuck, his wife Pricilla Chan and their three children.

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