Meet the last Lib Dem in Europe

(Picture: Getty)

For collectors of political rarities in Brussels at least, Catherine Bearder is likely to be in demand.

Where once she was just one of 11, she is now unique in Europe – a Lib Dem MEP.

The Oxford-based politician was thankful to have survived the six per cent slump in her party’s vote in the South East England constituency. Or, as she put it on Twitter: “Phew!”

Mrs Bearder, said the party had been the victim of a protest vote and was unable to resist a side-swipe at the triumph of her fellow constituency MEP, Nigel Farage.

She said: “People think they can vote for Ukip and it does not matter, but I am afraid it does. Ukip do not turn up to do the work, which means decisions are taken without any British interest.”

There was also little sign of dissent about who should be leading her slightly shrunken party. She said: “Nick is our leader and I am sticking behind him.”

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