<p>Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly </p>

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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Why be attached at the hip when you can be attached at the nails?

At least, that seems to be Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s mentality while attending the launch of his new nail polish brand, UN/DN LAQR.

The duo always manages to take our breath away with the lengths they go to profess their love for one another, and this time was no different.

At the event, MGK and Fox sported a thin silver chain that linked them together all night by their pinky nails.

The couple’s nail artist, Brittney Boyce, shared the process of creating this unique look on their Instagram page.

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Boyce revealed that she used three shades from the MGK's nail line: "Party Favor," "25 to Life," and "Depressionist."

Using a fishnet, Boyce created a "textured, raised 3D effect” as she peeled it off the nails.

“After the nails are dry, I used a nail piercer to pierce both of their pinky nails and added rings to them, so that I could attach two chains to them, so that they were chained together.”

If Fox and Kelly wanted to be the talk of the night, they succeeded, and all eyes were on their nails throughout the event—a spectacle that took the Twitterverse by a storm.

“MGK & Megan Fox chained their god damn finger nails together last night,” read one tweet, adding: “Their relationship feels like a cheap Hot Topic reboot of Angelina Jolie & Billie Bob Thornton with a tenth of the sex appeal.”

“machine gun kelly and megan fox holy f***” wrote one person.

A comment underneath the tweet simply stated, “They’re just perfect for each other.”

“If we aren’t going to attach ourselves to each other by our pinky nails like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, then I don’t want it,” another Twitter user wrote.

One tweet went so far as comparing the couple to The Addams Family characters, saying they were “serving Gomez and Morticia Addams vibes last night.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, constantly reinventing the definition of true love for us all.

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