'Unrecognisable' Megan Fox shocks fans after sharing rare minimal make-up selfie

'Unrecognisable' Megan Fox shocks fans after sharing rare minimal make-up selfie
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Megan Fox/ Instagram

Megan Fox's latest social media post has fans surprised as the actor opted for a minimal makeup look in a recent selfie.

The 37-year-old actor is known for pulling off glamorous makeup so her latest photo has prompted discussions online.

In the image posted to Instagram, the Transformers star appears to be wearing a small amount of mascara, brow product, lip gloss, and base makeup.

For the mirror selfie, Fox was wearing a black sports bra, and pyjama bottoms with her long blue hair - the latter of which she first displayed when attending Coachella at the weekend.

In the comments section, people noted how they had to do a double take at Megan's minimal makeup look as they confused her for someone else like Kim Kardashian or Love is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell.

One person said: "This does not look like Megan Fox AT ALL. AI doing its thing again."

"Why the hell did I think this was Kim Kardashian?" another person asked.

Someone else added: "You look like Chelsea from Love is Blind. I don’t know why you copied her style."

"If it wasn't for the tatts I legit would of never known this was Megan Fox. Her face is unrecognizable in this pic," a fourth person commented.

Fans of Fox also came to her defence against trolls who were criticising her looks.

"These comments are not passing the vibe check," one person said. "So much respect to Megan, for posting this, women don't need to be fully done up all the damn time. She is beautiful regardless"

"And if you had more makeup on or edited the photo they’d be just as mad. Hot as ever mother," another person said.

A third person added: "Megan don’t listen to these jealous people you look like you and you look beautiful no matter what."

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