Megan Fox complains that her AI profile photos are 'naked' and 'sexual'

Megan Fox complains that her AI profile photos are 'naked' and 'sexual'
A Look Back At Megan Fox's Career

Megan Fox is the latest celebrity to take part in the viral AI photo trend but doesn't seem to happy with the results.

The former Transformers actor shared the photos that the Lensa AI app generated for her on her Instagram account on late on Thursday evening.

The so-called 'magic avatars' allow users to run their own images through an artificial intelligence illustrator and the results have been going viral as they look like something from an anime film as opposed to the usual stuff you see on Instagram.

However, 36-year-old Fox has picked up on something that is becoming a common complaint about the app, especially with women's photos: they are too sexual.

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On Instagram, Fox wrote: "Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked??"

Fox shared 8 images that Lensa created for her and all eight of them do prominently feature her cleavage and she does appear to be at least fully nude in two of the images.

Her followers did point out that the app generates the images on what a user has previously posted on Instagram and that her results are probably because of the older images she used to share.

One wrote: "I think it depends on how you choose your selfie photos, the results are from your own sent pictures to the application."

Another said: "Why? Hahaha. Look through your Instagram posts!!!! Maybe ask yourself why are most of your posts naked."

A third person pointed out that Fox wasn't entirely responsible for how she has always been perceived in the media: "The misogyny in comments. She has talked about the industry sexualizing her over the years, the world owes her an apology and instead you keep sending her hate."

Back in 2019 Fox told Entertainment Tonight : "It wasn't just that movie, it was every day of my life, all the time, with every project I worked on and every producer I worked with. It preceded a breaking point for me. I think I had a genuine psychological breakdown where I wanted just nothing to do."

Despite Lensa's viral success there have been questions raised about the rights that users have when using the app, which is owned by tech company Prisma.

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