Mia Khalifa responds to criticism after giving 'Tom Brady' marriage advice

Mia Khalifa responds to criticism after giving 'Tom Brady' marriage advice
Mia Khalifa responds to criticism after giving 'Tom Brady' marriage advice
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Mia Khalifa has doubled down on her TikTok comments after offering relationship advice to younger women while mentioning Tom Brady.

In the initial clip, Khalifa candidly opened up about her relationship history, having been married twice and engaged three times.

"Married at 18, divorced at 21. Second marriage: married at 25, divorced at 28. Third engagement: engaged at 29, ended it at 30, but I kept the ring and still keep Tom Brady on his toes," she joked.

The former adult star said women "shouldn't be afraid to leave these men," adding: "We are not stuck with these people."

"Marriage is not a prudish thing, it's paperwork. It's a commitment you make to someone, but if you feel like you're not getting anything out of that commitment and you're trying, you have to leave. You have to go," she continued.

"I know it's hard to fill out paperwork and schedule appointments and do all this stuff.

"But this is your f***ing life, do you want to be stuck with someone? Period."

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The former adult star's clip was soon inundated with polarised views, with some in full support of her comments and others making snarky remarks.

Now, Khalifa has followed up with a second clip, in which she addressed the backlash.

"I’m failing to see what’s wrong in telling young women - who get married young - that if they are in relationships that are unhealthy and toxic, and make them unhappy, that just because they made a ‘commitment,’ they are not stuck in these relationships," she said.


#stitch with @Mia K. Period.

She went on to suggest those making such comments tend to be men who dislike their partner being confident.

"[The ones] who are afraid of their women having self realisations, and exercising free will, and leaving them," she continued.

"Because the only thing holding their relationships together is probably the fact that they made ‘a commitment,’ and their religion and families.

"If you’re not happy, get the f*** out of there," Khalifa concluded.

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