The man behind Super Size Me is now opening his own fast food restaurant

I’m sure many people can remember feeling horrified when they watched Morgan Spurlock eat nothing but Mc Donald’s for a month. Either that, or it just made you really crave a Happy Meal.

But the documentary Super Size Me was really hard-hitting when it came out in 2004, even if it was just for the morbid curiosity of watching a man’s inevitable downward spiral unfold in front of our eyes.

Here's a reminder of what it was like:

But Spurlock has fully recovered from his binge, and is now opening an ‘all-natural’ chicken fast food restaurant in Ohio.

Holy Chicken – self-confessed ‘home of grilled, crispy chicken sandwiches’ is offering a free meal to anyone who goes to the opening on Saturday wearing ‘chicken-related attire’.

The chicken served at the 30-day pop-up will be free range and antibiotic-free, according to Spurlock – who admitted in an interview in 2010 that he now never eats fast food...

Spurlock was quoted by WJLA as saying:

We have stuff that is humanely raised. Our chickens, I raised them myself. They are antibiotic free, hormone-free, all the buzz words, we got them all.

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