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Imagine collecting your certificate at your graduation ceremony, looking down at the audience and spotting Oprah. Anyone would be forgiven for immediately falling off the stage.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee were in danger of just that when Oprah attended her half-sister Patricia Lofton's graduation.

The talk show queen only learned that Pat was part of her family 6 years ago - and bought her long-lost half-sister a house, as well as giving her a monthly allowance so she could quit her job and pursue her dream of completing her studies

Now, Pat's achieved just that. Here's a photo of the pair that Oprah posted to Instagram:

Pat wasn't the only one excited to see Oprah.

Just imagine if Oprah was there on one of the most important days of your life.

Sure, she turned up for her own family. But you could squint and pretend she was smiling and clapping just for you.

Or just bask in her glory, of course.

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