People in Finland have found a brilliant way to disrupt 'anti-immigrant patrols'

People in Finland have found a brilliant way to disrupt 'anti-immigrant patrols'

The UK is definitely not the only European country with an aggressive anti-immigration wing.

The self-declared 'Soldiers of Odin' have been rallying and carrying out street patrols across Finland for almost a year.

Dressed in black and carrying cards reading 'migrants not welcome', they claim to be patriots protecting native Finns from an increased refugee and asylum seeker intake last year.

Luckily for everyone, some Finns have reacted to the group in the best way possible: using humour.

The newly formed 'Loldiers of Odin', in colourful clothes and clown facepaint, danced, sang and played in the snow at the same time an anti-immigrant march was taking place in the northern town of Tampere this weekend.

Around two dozen people took to the streets wearing pajamas, underwear and dressing gowns on top of their normal winter clothes, as well as props like Viking helmets and flags reading 'sieg fail'.

The group played with hula-hoops and tambourines before forming a circle and skipping around the unimpressed vigilantes.

On their blog the clowns say their mission statement is to "make the streets both safer and hilarious-er for all people".

Check out a video of their antics below:

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