Piers Morgan tries to do Salt Bae’s signature technique - and butchers it completely

Piers Morgan tries to do Salt Bae’s signature technique - and butchers it completely

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There are many things we don’t need or want to see on a Sunday morning, and Piers Morgan attempting to salt a steak like viral sensation Salt Bae is absolutely one of them.

In a video posted to Twitter, the broadcaster and journalist wrote that he was “showing Salt Bae how to salt a steak” - by somehow managing to get most of the seasoning on his elbow.

And we thought Morgan was known for being salty…

Fortunately, after such a dire approach by Morgan, Salt Bae - real name Nusret Gökçe - gives the outspoken commentator a quick fist bump before showing him how it’s done, decorating the gold-covered steak with the salt.

It appears Morgan, who is currently in Qatar’s capital of Doha amid this year’s World Cup, visited Gökçe at his restaurant located at the five-star Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel.

While the menu and food prices don’t appear to be available online, two websites (including one which also has the menu for the Nusr-et restaurant in London) place the price of a golden sirloin steak as being around 1,100 Qatari riyals (almost £250).

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Why you’d choose to ruin the seasoning yourself rather than have Actual Salt Bae do it for you, we really don’t know.

Not least because the restaurant chain has attracted criticism here in the UK in the past, for charging £11 for a Red Bull and £630 for a giant tomahawk steak at its London steakhouse in Knightsbridge, which opened its doors back in September last year.

He bragged about the high prices at his restaurants on Instagram earlier this month, writing that “quality [is] never expensive”.

Back in August, it was revealed the Knightsbridge steakhouse had reportedly registered £7 million in sales in the three months after it opened its doors last year.

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