Salt Bae

Salt Bae's highly controversial and much talked about London resturant in Knightsbridge has reportedly registered £7 million in sales in the first three months after it opened in September 2021.

The restaurateur, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a viral meme four years ago when people found his way of seasoning meat comical. The Turkish chef now owns Nusr-Et, a chain of luxury steakhouses.

Earlier this week Nusret UK Limited, the company behind the restaurant published its earnings revealing that it "performed higher than expected" and raked in £2.3 million in profits.

This is unlikely to come as a shock to many given the prices of the items on the menu which was first brought to people's attentions in September 2021 when a receipt from the resturant went viral.

Sharing a bill fr dinner at the restaurant on its opening night, a Twitter user by the name of Jamz shared the eye-watering bill which included a giant tomahawk steak worth £630 and Red Bulls at £11 a pop.

The receipt has since been shared widely across the internet and reposted by numerous Twitter users.

A Twitter user by the name of Muttaqi reshared the image and wrote: “It’s cheaper to fly and have food at Salt Bae’s Turkish restaurant than to go to the London one. £9 for coke. £630 for Tomahawk steak. No thank you.”

Naturally, people poked fun at the bill by theorising why each items costs as much as it does, with fellow chef Tom Kerridge even joining in with the mocking.

The picture was also shared to Reddit where it received 10,000 upvotes on the London subreddit.

The top comment on the Reddit post reads: “This is the place owned by Salt Bae right? If I had to pay £11 for a Red Bull I’d be salty too.”

Another remarked: “Only a mug would go to this restaurant.”

Since opening its doors last week the restaurant has welcomed TV royalty Gemma Collins who reportedly tucked into one of the lavish tomahawk steaks covered in gold foil while on a date with boyfriend Rami Hawash.

In an Instagram video, Collins is personally served by Salt Bae himself. She remarks: “Give me your action Salt Bae baby, spice it up for the G.C. — 24 carat gold.” Collins later said that she later 'felt sick' for paying so much for the food.

The chef previously served Donald Trump Jr, DJ Khaled, Leonardo DiCaprio, Conor McGregor, P Diddy and David Beckham at his other restaurants dotted across the globe.

When Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir reviewed the restaurant, she revealed that customers can expect to shell out £100 for a gold-leaf hamburger, £40 for a steak tartare starter, £120 for a sirloin steak, and £23 for the house salad.

The manager of the Mr Mehmed defended the outrage surrounding the establishment's prices. Speaking in December last year he said: "Some people, they want to just talk. People have complained because they have seen bills on social media for people who’ve paid £10,000 for a bottle of wine. But you can find these prices all around London. The service and the quality we are providing is extremely high.

“It’s more interactive than most restaurants - we cook and prepare the food in front of you, like our traditional baklava, which is a very popular dessert."

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