Power Rangers actor slams co-star for selling Hitler merchandise

Power Rangers actor slams co-star for selling Hitler merchandise

Power Rangers actor Amy Jo Johnson has hit out at one of her former co-stars over their plans to sell controversial new merchandise.

Johnson criticised the choices of Austin St. John, who played the original Red Ranger in the hit 90s series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, to sell merchandise featuring quotes from Adolf Hitler.

St. John recently announced plans for a range of merchandise featuring quotes from prominent historical figures, including the Nazi leader.

Johnson first posted without mentioning St. John, writing: “Hmmm? I think some people should have publicists. Dear me…”

However, after her followers speculated about the post, Johnson replied: “Rogue Red Ranger has an entire new meaning. Okay I’ll stop now.”

St. John posted on Twitter on Tuesday (March 12) about his plans for the controversial merch, writing: "Exploring history’s leaders, I’m blending lessons from the past into a unique T-shirt line. From heroes to villains, every quote tells a story. This is more than fashion; it’s a conversation starter. Stay tuned for wearable wisdom! #HistoryMeetsFashion #LeadershipLessons."

Speaking on the Toon’d In With Jim Cummings podcast last month, St. John said: “I’m building a ‘Warrior’ line, where I will go back in history from pre-greek days, as far back as I can.”

He added: “I’m gonna have famous quotes from warriors of all ilks, including the terrible ones. Hitler was, you know, a demon on steroids, but he had some pretty good one-liners. So everybody from the great ones to the infamous and terrible ones.

“The point is to look to our past, to leaders both good and terrible and take from them what you can.”

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first aired on the FOX Kids network in the US in 1993. St. John and Johnson both starred in the series, before going on to appear as their characters in film adaptations Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

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