What music do you think the Queen listens to?

It’s a question that might have captured your fascination for a moment, especially when it comes to a monarch as elusive and inscrutable as her. Does she keep up with the charts? Is she devoted to the classics? Does she even listen to music at all?

But one intrepid Twitter user has taken up the formidable task of answering that question.

Over the weekend, artist Jack Coombes created an enormous thread that imagines various scenarios of the royal driving as she blasts music from her Range Rover.

The clip itself is taken from when she was spotted cruising through Sandringham Estate earlier this year. Sadly, she wasn’t listening to music that time, but you could just take these videos and imagine that it’s the real thing.

The dozens of videos in Coombes’ thread prove that the sky's the limit for the Queen’s music taste. We can only hope that this is the music she actually listens to.

Maybe she’s a fan of Steps, but then again, aren’t we all?

Perhaps she stays loyal to mid-to-late ‘00s pop stars.

Who doesn’t love some Kylie?

Surely, she loves Dua Lipa as much as the rest of the world.

The list goes on and on.

Full disclosure: the Queen actually did share her favourite pieces of music, exposing herself as a massive theatre kid – but it’s more fun to think that she loves S Club 7, right?

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