Riley Reid reveals how much money she demands for the most explicit adult scenes

Riley Reid reveals how much money she demands for the most explicit adult scenes
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Adult actress Riley Reid has spoken about her experiences in the porn industry, revealing the money she demands for filming explicit scenes.

The 32-year-old, who became one of the biggest names in adult entertainment during the 2010s has spoken about the differences in money from when starting out in porn to becoming one of the most recognisable stars.

Reid, real name Ashley Matthews, spoke on the podcast Itsdanielmac about the nature of the most explicit scenes she shoots and the kind of money she earned from each one.

"When it's your first an**, your first DP, and your first g**g b**g a lot of time you can get a good chunk of change. Sometimes girls can get like $10k, sometimes they can get $15k - $20.

"It kind of depends on what you do. If you do like a featured movie you might be able to get like $30,000."

Reid went on to say: "When I did my first an** I got paid $15k for my first an** but I made the studio agree to let me shoot my own an** scene and release it at the same time on my website. I was still able to monetise on my own site as well."

Speaking about the differences in pay between different performers, Reid also said that women are paid more than men – and men are often not paid at all when they’re starting out.

"Price wise starting out, sometimes [male performers will] get like $100 for a scene. Sometimes even they might shoot for free in the beginning and have to do like 'prove yourself' scenes."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The comments follow an interview where Reid talked about her decision to stop filming certain pornographic videos, particularly with men.

The porn star explained how filming boy-girl scenes has impacted her off-screen relationships and talked about her decision to stop doing them.

Reid explained that “dating was really hard” and added that often partners have a perceived “persona of you”.

She continued: “Especially as I grew a name for myself, it was hard to meet someone who [didn't] know who I was, so there was always that fandom.”

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