TikTok users can’t figure out if a viralvideo of a man on a treadmill is going backwards or forwards, commenting they are “more confused” than ever.

The footage was posted by Ubrazti, a sports performance clinic in Melbourne in Florida, which normally shares videos of all levels and ages going really quickly on treadmills.

The video was posted in response to a comment that read, “Chet moves so fast he looks like he’s going backwards.”

Assumedly, they saw a similar optical illusion to car wheels doing the same; looking like they were going backwards.

Ubrazti re-uploaded the comment with two clips of Chet running - this time it did look like Chet really was going backwards.

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“What about now?” the caption read.

This has confused many social media users, with some unclear about what is happening.

7 million people have tried to suss out what is going on.

“Okay but he’s actually going backwards right? Or am I crazy?” one user declared.

Another chimed in, “I’m more confused than I’ve ever been.”

“Was this in Tenet?” one asked.

One user clocked that the footage was reversed in post-production, spotting someone walk backwards.

“You can see a guy walk backwards in the background.”

When wondering why the audio wasn’t in reverse, it was highlighted the audio was normal.

When confronted with this, the gym did not deny it.

The site also featured other runners

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