Sam Smith harassed and called 'demonic' in New York street attack

Sam Smith harassed and called 'demonic' in New York street attack
Sam Smith left fans wondering how they would use loo in BRITs …

Sam Smith has been verbally attacked in a New York park after dominating headlines for their so-called "satanic" performance.

The star, who goes by the pronouns they/them, took to the Grammy stage on Sunday (5 February) with Kim Petras. The pair performed a provocative performance of their hit single 'Unholy', donning blood-red outfits while dancing amongst flames.

Some viewers interpreted the performance as "satanic", with one furiously writing on Twitter: "I didn’t want to post this video but I have to expose how satanic the music industry is. This is so demonic. Stop listening to this GARBAGE. It’s witchcraft!"

US Senator Ted Cruz had a meltdown, tweeting: "This…is…evil," and Marjorie Taylor Greene described the performance as "demonic." The FCC was also inundated with complaints.

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Despite the Grammys happening over ten days ago, Smith still can't escape the backlash.

In a clip shared on Twitter, Smith can be seen casually strolling and minding their own business in New York. Their peace was soon interrupted by a woman yelling "Sam Smith belongs in hell!"

She continued: "You demonic, twisted, sick bas****!"

Smith appeared to film the woman at one point. As they strolled past, the woman took it way too far with baseless claims – that we emphasise are not true – calling the singer a "paedophile".

Watch the clip here:

The clip was met with fury on Twitter, with one saying: "Let’s be real - you might not like someone but this is too far."

Another said: "People are really just too comfortable being hateful."

"Now be so serious. NO ONE deserves this kind of treatment no matter how much u dislike them," a third added.

Indy100 reached out to Sam Smith's representative for comment.

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