Ted Cruz offered snowstorm advice and the replies were ice-cold

Ted Cruz offered snowstorm advice and the replies were ice-cold
Freezing rain, cold temperatures continue in Central Texas

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has given the state of Texas some snowstorm advice – and people had the coldest responses.

Many reports addressed the fact that mid-southern states are experiencing a winter ice storm.

On Tuesday, ice and sleet glazed across Texas roads, with officials reporting the deaths of at least two people, CNN reported.

In the state alone, forecast platform PowerOutage.US noted that over 200,000 businesses, homes, and other power customers didn't have any form of electricity in the blistering cold on Wednesday morning (1 February).

Forecasters said that a combination of freezing rain, sleet, and ice is also expected to hit other areas in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee and carry on into Thursday morning (2 February).

In the midst of all this, Cruz took to his official Twitter on Wednesday morning to offer advice about how to navigate the conditions.

"Most Texans woke up to freezing rain and sleet that will continue throughout the day. Please follow all local warnings. Stay inside, warm, and off the roads if possible. Follow @TxDotand @TDEMforthe latest conditions," he tweeted.

However, people were not impressed by the Texas lawmaker's sentiments and were swift to remind him of how he left the country to go to Cancun as the state faced a treacherous winter storm in February 2021.

Hundreds of Texans were left behind, with some freezing to death in the darkness, as Cruz embarked on a vacation instead of aiding his state when they needed him.

One person on Twitter wrote: "By 'most Texans,' he means everyone but him.... he's somewhere warm enjoying a 'preplanned family vacation.'"

"When do you leave for Cancun?" another added, while a third chimed in and wrote: "You saying that from Cancun?"

Someone else quipped: "If we need help, what resort in Mexico can we reach you at?"

Check out other memes and reactions below.

This isn't the first time Cruz was reminded of his lack of aid to his state in a time of need.

In December 2022, the senator criticised President Joe Biden for going on a trip to Saint Croix- one of the US Virgin Islands- as Buffalo New York, was dealing with the winter storm that resulted in 50 inches of snow and over 60 deaths.

Cruz did eventually apologise, noting that it was "obviously a mistake" while adding that he "wouldn't" have done it himself. But it didn't stop people from poling fun at his supposed low level of "self-awareness."

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