This three-year-old dresses up as powerful female icons and it's amazing


This is Scout Larson, she's three-years-old and lives in Florida.

For the past few months her Mum Ashley has been helping her dress up as famous feminists and icons.

And it's amazing.

She's done Frida Kahlo


Carrie Fisher

Ellen DeGeneres

Mindy Kaling

Writing for BoredPanda, Scout's mother Ashley, said it began as a project to keep busy and teach her daughter about powerful women when her mum (Scout's grandma or 'Nonnie') was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When Nonnie’s hair started to fall out, Scout got very concerned and I wanted to put both of our minds at ease. I needed to teach her and remind myself that women are fighters! We chose famous & fierce women to teach her about the strength that women have.

We had put together a list of people to shoot and I taught Scout a little bit about each person. We then chose the photo we wanted to replicate together. We worked on the project for a little under a year - throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and mastectomy surgery.

Nonnie was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year, and has gone through a number of rounds of chemo. Throughout this difficult time, Ashley says Scout was learning "how amazing and strong women can be". So they carried on with their amazing photoproject.

The photos are shot in Ashley’s home and garden.

Since Scout has built up a following (36,000 on Instagram, what a star). Ashley has set up a portable studio and lights for the photos. Ashley told the Metro that Scout is unaware of her viral fame.

I definitely monitor everything extremely closely.

Scout basically has no idea how large her reach is, she just loves doing photos with mommy. It’s our mommy/daughter time.

Her photos of powerful women have gathered a lot of attention.

Ashley's been doing photography since she could "get her hands on a camera" she told the indy100.

In the past 2 years I've learned a lot about shooting and I've finally found a place where It's been amazing to share my love of photography with my family.

Betty White

Miilie Bobby Brown (as Eleven)

Taylor Swift

Emma Watson



The project helped Ashley just as much as it helped Scout, she told Bored Panda.

The entire project was such a godsend for Scout and myself. And showing my mom the end result- priceless. Every single minute I spent planning, styling, shooting, and editing was 100% worth it.

And Ashley is determined that no matter what, Scout has the freedom to grow up to be whoever she wants to be.

Although Scout has emulated so many amazing people, I fiercely encourage her to become exactly the person she wants to be. No matter what, I think she’s amazing.

And, there's some more good news...

Oh and Nonnie? She is cancer free! So of course.. she had to get in on the photos, too! She is such an inspiration and we are so lucky to have her in our lives! You’re our hero!

The favourite photo?

Scout and I both love the photos of her and Nonnie together!

Ashley told the indy100,

They're so special because they are the inspiration behind the entire project. My next favourite, though, is Mindy Kaling.

She added that Scout's grasp on the project is limited, and she is unaware of her viral fame. But Ashley loves teaching her about strong women.

Since Scout is only 3, her grasp on the project is limited. I tell her bits and pieces about each person and we choose which photo of them we should replicate together. It's definitely a team effort. I think my favourite to tell Scout about was Ellen. She's always doing something amazing for somebody and I think she is an amazing example for not only girls, but everyone!

Ashley added that she was completely unprepared for the photos going viral.

All of our family and our friends have been amazing! They've been supportive and loving throughout the entire journey.

The photos going viral? I was seriously so unprepared! I didn't expect it at all.

And the future? More adorableness from Scout of course.

Scout has been set on Disney characters, so that's in the works! We've shot a couple of them, but I've only posted one so far. I'm super excited for Scout to get to shoot so many amazing characters and she, of course, is ecstatic.

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