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Seth Rogen


If there’s one celebrity we’d ever want to smoke with, it’s Seth Rogen.

A longtime smoker, Rogen has earned himself the title of the weed king in Hollywood. After all, you don’t co-write a movie like Pineapple Express, the highest-grossing stoner movie of all time, and not earn some serious street cred.

Moreover, he speaks loudly and passionately about his love of cannabis and advocates for its legality as well as the exoneration of those with marijuana convictions.

So when he announced that he would be selling a rolling tray, a byproduct of his newfound love of pottery, it honestly just made sense.

“Hi, it’s Seth, and if you’re like me you roll a lot of joints. So many joints you decided you had to invent your own rolling tray to accommodate your joint rolling needs,” the actor said in a video shared on his Instagram.

“Isn’t that adorable?” Rogen asks at the end of the clip.

The cement plate comes with a grinder, an ashtray and complimentary Houseplant-branded rolling papers and tips.

And while many would jump at the opportunity to fulfil their dream blunt rotation with Rogen, the wild price point of $485 for his tray led to the severe disappointment and even anger of some.

“So wait, the idiot who hates capitalism is also selling a rolling tray for $485??” wrote one person on Twitter.

Another tweet read, “I’m a huge Seth Rogan fan but no cap that dude is straight up smoking crack trying to sell an all-in-one rolling tray for $485.”

One person even called out Rogen’s reaction to Casey Neistant after he tweeted he had his car broken into.

“So Seth Rogan thinks it’s totally ok and “LA” to get your car broken into but he thinks it’s so cool and ok to charge $485 for a fucking rolling tray because he made it in his stupid ceramic art room… get bent,” read the tweet.

“I really wanted that @Sethrogen rolling tray but that hoe $485. Now it’s definitely worth it but it’s also definitely out my price range. Somebody buy one so I can steal it off you,” wrote another.

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