Shaquille O'Neal was detained in the UK for 'bumping a Royal guard'

Shaquille O'Neal was detained in the UK for 'bumping a Royal guard'
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Shaquille O’Neal was once detained for ‘bumping a Royal guard’ during a trip to the UK.

The NBA star revealed his experiences in an interview which resurfaced over the weekend, stating that he had to drop David Beckham’s name to be released following his arrest.

O’Neal told the story during an appearance on the The Late Late Show with James Corden back in 2018, when he appeared as a guest alongside Victoria Beckham.

He said: “My friend bet me fifty thousand I couldn’t make the guards move. So because they stand very still outside guarding the palace. I will go up to him and I’ll go [makes a face].”

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“So then last time I bumped them and they came out of nowhere right. So they took me in some back room and I actually used your husband’s name to get out,” the 50-year-old said, turning to Beckham.

O’Neal added: “I said, ‘listen, David Beckham is your guy over here, I’m the Black David Beckham of the States. So tell Prince Charles that the Black David Beckham, Shaquille O’Neal is sorry, he apologised, and it never happened again’.

Shaq found himself on the wrong end of the Royal guardsGetty

“So I don’t know if it worked but the guy came in like 10 minutes later and they let me go.”

Meanwhile, it comes after O'Neal revealed that he thinks the Earth could be flat because he "didn't tip over" during a flight.

The NBA legend appeared on a radio show and said he 'likes listening' to theories claiming the Earth isn’t round – while also admitting that he ‘isn’t sure’ if the planet is spinning.

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