This woman's takedown of a conservative asking if she is a 'slut' has gone viral

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For decades, the word 'slut' has been used to demean and ridicule women.

In recent years there has been a welcome effort to reclaim the word and raise awareness of the reality of a hyper-sexualised culture, and sexual injustice.

One of these movements is the annual Amber Rose SlutWalk which is a safe space festival aiming to educate and empower.

Unfortunately, some people, mostly men, still don't understand that women have a right to use their bodies and sexuality in whatever way they see fit.

One of those men is the notorious American conservative talk show host and pastor, Jesse Lee Peterson.

Last year, he attended the SlutWalk in Los Angeles and bluntly asked women, on camera, if they were sluts. He got many responses but this from model Samirah Raheem is something else.

The level of sass on that is lit and does an effective job of reclaiming the word and shaming Jesse's toxic agenda.

Although the video was uploaded to YouTube in October last year it has only just gone viral after it was shared on Twitter by the user @ChrisLuvsErrBody just two days ago.

The tweet quickly blew up and at the time of writing has over 137,000 retweets and 359,000 likes.

Since then, Samirah has received widespread praise for her amazing takedown of Peterson and rightly so.

To be honest, next time we're asked how old we are we will probably reply with this:

The viral success of the video has seen Samirah's Instagram following go up by 90,000 and she thanked everyone in response.

In the caption she wrote:

Growing up it’s been a very interesting journey I’ve always been a walking contradiction. I never thought I’d have a voice like this.

I was often ashamed of being opinionated and louder than most. I tried to make myself smaller to fit into social circles.

I genuinely thank you guys for your overwhelming love & support. There’s no more hiding.

Thank y’all for forcing me to step into my unapologetic tongue.

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