Porn star Sophie Anderson dies two weeks after death of husband Oliver Spedding

Porn star Sophie Anderson dies two weeks after death of husband Oliver Spedding

Sophie Anderson and her husband Oliver Spedding died within weeks of each other


Beloved porn star and gay icon Sophie Anderson has died at the age of 36, it has been reported.

The mother-of-four, who shot to public notoriety for branding her friend Rebecca More and herself the "C**k Destroyers", passed away just two weeks after the death of her husband.

Oliver Spedding, a Premier League youth footballer-turned-adult entertainer, was confirmed dead at the age of 34 on 18 November.

Both tragedies came just weeks after Spedding, better known on social media as Damian Oliver, hit headlines for falsely claiming that Anderson was dead.

Whilst the circumstances surrounding Spedding and Anderson's deaths have not yet been confirmed, it is largely accepted that, this time, the news is true.

On Monday night (4 December), More, whose real name is Rebecca Jones, announced the latest twist in this terrible saga as she paid homage to her friend.

She wrote: "I'm devastated hearing the awful news of Sophie's passing. We shared some amazing times together and that's how I'm going to remember her.

"The bubbly, funny, kind hearted soul who was outrageous on the outside but also so gentle behind closed doors. We were very close, and we shared a crazy time together that was totally unique to us.

"That's how I will remember her. This is so tragic but I know you are now at peace. I will always love you and hold a special place in my heart."

Tributes to the blue movie have continued to flood social media, with fans celebrating her strength, kindness and willingness to stick up for the disenfranchised:

Anderson had been blighted by health issues in recent months owing to issues with her 32JJ silicone breast implants.

In March, she was left fighting for her life with sepsis after one of the implants became infected and then exploded.

The adult legend subsequently underwent major breast reconstruction surgery and told M.E.N back in July that the ongoing issues had seriously impacted her work.

In the interview with the local news outlet, she credited Spedding with helping her get through her “darkest days”, saying that she and her beau had been “inseparable” since they met on set together two-and-a-half years ago.

“I honestly couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be by my side during all of this,” Sophie said. “He’s been my total support when I've not felt good.”

Anderson and Spedding met while shooting a porn movie(@oliverspedding/Instagram)

However, months later, on 18 November, Spedding’s former club Croydon FC released a statement confirming his death and describing him as a “much-loved individual who always gave his utmost effort for the team.”

"Oliver will be hugely missed by everyone at the club and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time,” they added.

The club also held a minute’s silence ahead of their match against Meridian VP.

Friends and ex-colleagues paid tributes to the former sportsman, while fans shared their shock at the terrible turn of events.

Back in September, Spedding announced that Anderson had “died unfortunately,” and even provided details of her funeral.

In one X/Twitter reply, he insisted that he “hadn’t lied” about the “bad news”, adding that people could pay their respects at a crematorium in Bromley, southeast London, on 12 September.

However, the day after the cremation that never was, the former footballer tweeted a lengthy statement, revealing that he had “20 hours in a cell because of the stupid hoax”.

He continued: “I cannot say anything more as part of my bail conditions but it was just a silly drunken joke.”

He then dropped two bombshells, writing that he and Anderson were having a baby and that they had just got married. “We are unbreakable,” he added.

The message was swiftly followed up by a photo showing him standing beside Anderson, apparently during their wedding, which he said took place at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas.

Anderson who, while all of this was playing out, had been silent on social media, later supported Spedding’s claims by sharing the same wedding photo to her Twitter/X account.

Oliver shared the photo alongside the caption: "Marrying the love of my life"(@DAMIANOLIVERXXX/X)

Over the subsequent weeks, the two of them posted explicit content of each other – both separately and together – including an X-rated spoof of the film Scream for Halloween.

The last time Spedding posted to social media was around 12 November, with Anderson last writing on Twitter/X on 15 November.

Her post was about their marriage, which she said she’d “never forget”.

Whilst the porn icon didn't personally address the “love of her life’s” passing, tributes poured in from admirers.

Croydon FC manager Liam Giles shared his devastation at the “heartbreaking news", writing on X/Twitter: "Ollie was a warrior on the pitch and gave 100 per cent every time he represented Croydon FC.

"We spoke a couple of weeks ago about him getting back into football.

"I hope you find your peace, mate - sleep tight."

Spedding (centre) during his time at Croydon FC(@Croydongas/Twitter/X)

His apparent desire to return to sport is perhaps unsurprising, given admissions he’s made about his career change in the past.

Spedding said he never would have envisaged a career in the adult industry as a kid hanging out in south-east London gangs, but fell into it after escaping an abusive relationship.

Speaking on the ‘Anything Goes with James English' podcast last year, the one-time athlete, who played for Crystal Palace academy in his youth, lamented how he “let himself down” at the age of 17 by “going off the rails”

He admitted that he ended up in prison after his grandmother died, and could have made more of his other talents, instead of chasing a name for himself in porn.

“When I was at Crystal Palace, if I’d have stayed with them, then I could have been earning a lot more playing football. I used to fight as well, maybe that could have gone somewhere,” he said.

“I was good at both [of those] things, but being a porn star, I thought that would be just as good. But it’s not as good as people think.”

Anderson told an interview back in July that she and Spedding had been "inseparable" since they first met(@mrdamianoliver/Instagram)

Still, it wasn’t all bad. Spedding met Anderson through the industry, and they set up their own blue movie production company.

Acknowledging that he could never have dreamed that “one of the biggest porn stars in the country” would be his “soulmate”, he said Anderson was “the first person that I feel like I've ever had the ultimate connection with – she is like my twin”.

“We're so compatible,” he added in his ‘Anything Goes’ interview. “I've never had anyone that connects on so many different levels like that.”

R.I.P to them both.

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