Taylor Swift accidentally swallows bug during Eras concert

Taylor Swift accidentally swallows bug during Eras concert
Taylor Swift swallowed a bug during gig in Chicago

Taylor Swift found herself coughing in the middle of her Eras gig in Chicago after she swallowed a fly, causing Swifties to fall silent in concern.

A number of clips have been making rounds online from Swift's performance at the Soldier Field on Sunday night (June 4) where at one point the 33-year-old had to cut her chat with audience short as she began to suddenly cough.

“I swallowed a bug. I’m so sorry," Swift admitted to the 63,500-strong crowd who then laughed as she attempted to spit the insect out.

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The Anti-Hero singer also joked about the moment: “It’s just so stupid. Delicious. Oh, god. Is there any chance none of you saw that?

"It's fine... I'm just gonna try not to do as many of those. This is gonna happen again tonight. There’s so many bugs. There’s one thousand of them."

Some clips show a number of bugs flying around that the singer had to contend with when the spotlight was on her.


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Since then, Swifties who weren't at the concert have been reacting to the clips that have been circulating on social media.


"That bug def is a fan reincarnated," another person joked.

A third added: "I thought she was about to hurl I was TERRIFIED."

"It’s death by a thousand bugs," a fourth person quipped, in reference to Swift's song "Death By A Thousand Cuts" from her album Lover.

Someone else added: "I was there and you could see all the bugs in the lights lol we have so many gnats here."

Elsewhere, Taylor Swift fans are wearing diapers to her concerts so they don't miss a thing and some Swifties are also seemingly ‘forgetting’ what happened at her concerts.

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