The Baltic states are mad at Canada's PM Justin Trudeau

(Picture: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images
(Picture: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

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In all seriousness, Justin Trudeau seems to be the poster boy of world leaders at the present - he’s certainly struck a chord with i100.co.uk at the very least.

However, the Canadian prime minister recently provoked ire when he replied in the middle of a 60 second quiz, “That’s not a thing”, when asked to name his favourite Baltic nation.

The response appeared oddly flippant among the otherwise suspiciously polished and immediate answers.

A Lithuanian MEP has since released a Christmas-themed video addressed to Trudeau from his YouTube channel, reminding the Canadian prime minister that the countries are a “#BalticThing”.

Antanas Guoga, with help from members of the European Parliament for Estonia and Latvia, outlined some Baltic contributions to the modern world in the festive, lighthearted video, including sportspeople, technological innovations and cultural offerings.

Trudeau has since responded by saying he is aware that the Baltics exist and that he simply was trying to answer the question diplomatically.

However, he added an extra 'Trudeau' touch by adding that his knowledge of the Baltic nations stemmed from his acquaintance with a woman of one of those countries, whom he used to date.

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