Charles Coward, Princess Alice and Sofka Skipworth
Charles Coward, Princess Alice and Sofka Skipworth

Sir Nicholas Winton, a man dubbed “Britain’s Oskar Schindler”, was awarded the Czech Republic’s highest state honour yesterday for saving 669 children, most of them Jewish, from the Nazis.

He was 29 when he organised eight trains from occupied Czechoslovakia to Britain in 1938. A ninth train carrying 250 children was stopped from coming to Britain when the war began. It’s believed those children did not survive.

The story of German industrialist and Nazi Party member Oskar Schindler, and that of the 1,200 Jews he saved, was immortalised in the Oscar-winning Schindler's List.

Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, recognises 21 British men and women on its list of the “righteous” - non-Jews whose heroic efforts helped ameliorate the suffering of Jews during the holocaust. Sir Nicholas is actually not on the list because he had Jewish ancestry. These are the stories of the other "British Schindlers".

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