A Polish presidential candidate, whose former party has allied with Ukip in the European parliament, has said he wants to legalise some child pornography, scrap all state benefits and stop women from voting.

In an interview with the Telegraph, the former leader of the Congress of the New Right party, said that while those who abuse children should be "very severely punished", he said he sees nothing wrong with owning child pornography "without any child being abused".

I can buy pornography at home, I can look at it, I can even have child pornography on my computer – why not, it’s my computer, my home, and I can look.

I very strongly object to abuse of children, but that has nothing to do with child pornography. If you create child pornography absolutely in the computer without any child being abused, is it OK or not? It should not be punished. Looking at that is not punishable, it is punishable to abuse children.

  • Janusz Korwin-Mikke
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