Conservative environment secretary Liz Truss is living life on the absolute edge

In a shocking revelation, environment secretary Liz Truss has revealed that when she goes to the fridge she will grab some food and "just see if it smells OK and eat it".

During a discussion about how to reduce food waste, the Conservative MP was asked if she ever maybe eats food that's gone past its "best before" date.

She replied:

Definitely. I will just see if it smells OK and eat it. Absolutely.

I'm of the school that if the cheese has got mould on it just cut the end off and eat the rest of the cheese.

According to the Telegraph, Truss also revealed that she likes "wonky" vegetables!

In other Liz Truss news, it has also been confirmed that Liz Truss will be heading to China on a trade mission next month.

Sadly, no mention has been made of whether Liz Truss will be opening up any new pork markets...

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