Trump supporters threatened to beat up a Democrat and it immediately backfired

A Biden voter stood up to two Trump supporters who threatened to beat him up, and the outcome was pretty telling.

In a viral TikTok video posted by Robert Martinez, at least five Trump supporters try to intimidate the Democrat by approaching his car.

“You a little nervous?” one of the men (who is holding a Trump flag) says to Martinez. “Gonna beat the f*** out of you.”

Martinez laughs and calls the Trump supporter out on his bluff, who then tells Martinez to get out of his car. When he does exit his car, they swiftly back down and go silent as Martinez challenges them to fight him.

The man that threatened him looks around nervously, as if calling for his friends to help him to little success. He then argues that they didn’t actually approach Martinez.

“Your president just lost, bud,” Martinez retorts, before one of the Trump supporters replies quietly: “No, he didn’t.”

The video has gained over one million views in four days, and TikTok users rallied in support of Martinez after the confrontation. They also just found it pretty hilarious that they cowered away the second Martinez got out of his car.

“Rumour has it that he is still looking around to see if his buddies are gonna help him,” one user commented.

“Guy got real quiet once you stepped out of the car,” another wrote.

Violence is never the answer, but neither are empty threats.

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