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Tinder is supposed to be fun and it mostly is until you actually arrange to go on a date with someone and you discover that they are a terrible person.

This is exactly what happened to a Reddit user who went on a date with a woman to a restaurant but left almost immediately after she finished her meal and didn't offer to pay her share of the bill.

Before you jump to conclusions, the user said that he wasn't being creepy and had suggested going for a coffee but she wanted a meal instead.

After she left he said that he spoke to the barman and discovered that she had already opened a tab before he arrived and that she had left her driving licence behind the bar. On top of that, she was also said to be a bad tipper.

As he figured that she was likely to be returning he decided to ask Reddit if it would be inappropriate for him to leave her details so that she could pay for her side of the bill once she came back?

The overwhelming consensus was that he would be well within his rights to leave her details and make her pay for her share of the bill.

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