Tony Hawk 'mistaken' for Tony Hawk at coffee shop

Tony Hawk 'mistaken' for Tony Hawk at coffee shop

When it comes to fan encounters, Tony Hawk has quite a few interesting stories he could share.

Apparently, people often come up to the legendary skateboarder somewhat confused by how closely he resembles...well, himself.

It happens more often than you’d think, and Hawk frequently takes to Twitter to divulge on the epicness of the unbeknownst fan’s ignorance.

His latest mistaken identity occurred while at a coffee shop, which he (thankfully) took to social media to tell us all about.

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The tweet read:

At coffee shop this morning:

Girl behind counter: (not joking) ‘has anyone told you that you look like Tony Hawk?’

Me: yes, so much that I sometimes write about it.

Her: haha, here’s your coffee

Other girl by exit: (leans toward me as I walk out): ‘you really do look like him’

The barista has since made note of her blunder on the North Carolina coffee shop’s Instagram, explaining that she actually knew she was speaking to Hawk but “couldn’t let herself believe it.”

Screenshot of @grounded.coffeehouse Instagram StoryScreenshot of @grounded.coffeehouse Instagram Story@grounded.coffeehouse

The excited fan also posted Hawk’s receipt on the shop’s Instagram feed, which showed that the americano and white mocha order had, in fact, been paid for by one Tony Hawk.

“Y’all know I’m fan girling over here!” her caption read.

It seems like there are no hard feelings about the mishap on Hawk’s side though as he recently reposted the Instagram story and even tweeted about it.

“Meanwhile, over on Instagram:” he wrote about the fan excitedly relaying her experience.

All’s well that ends well!

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