Travis Kelce defended for 'liking' pro-Trump post on Instagram

Travis Kelce defended for 'liking' pro-Trump post on Instagram
Travis Kelce Confirmed as ‘Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?’ Host
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NFL star and Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce has received concerned backlash after he appeared to like a post on Instagram that featured images of Donald Trump but he has now been defended by one of the president's former aides.

Over the weekend, Swifties had noticed that the Kansas City Chiefs player had liked a post by former ESPN host Sage Steele from a UFC event where she was pictured shaking hands with Donald Trump.

It is not known why Kelce liked the post but The View host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked in the White House during the Trump administration, believes that much is being made over nothing.

Griffin started by accusing Trump supporters of trying to "find celebrities who are with them." She explained: "It was a post by Sage Steele that he liked but MAGA tends to do this.

"They really want to find celebrities who are with them and I hate to break the news to them... he's advocated for stricter gun control, he was literally the face of the Covid vaccine, and he kneeled during the national anthem, like I don't think you just sniffed him out as a secret Trump supporter."

She continued: "But I also am someone who lives in fear of accidentally liking... I scroll and I've liked things and I'm like, "No go back and unlike it.'"

Whoopi Goldberg meanwhile was indifferent to the situation, saying: "Some are claiming he's outed himself as MAGA, and my understanding was he was responding to his friend's post so I'm not sure what's going on...."

However, Sunny Hostin had a theory: "I think this was an accidental like and everybody's been up late at night scrolling.... but I think he may have been scrolling.

"Sage Steele was an important sports reporter on ESPN, they probably met through ESPN and then he was like "oh, look at sage", and then all the articles came out and now he has unliked it, I think it was just an accidental like or he's just supporting his friend."

Griffin supported this and highlighted that she has friends that she disagrees with politically. She said: "I agree with Sara on this. I was with good friends this weekend of mine, who some of them are still Trump supporters, and I've made peace with that.

"We can talk politics if they engage me, we can disagree, and sometimes you just have to accept you're not going to agree with them, but my best friend is a Democrat."

It comes after Kelce was on the receiving end of social media backlash in 2020 for saying he was "excited" for the "crazy opportunity" to visit the White House after the Super Bowl.

The sports star hit back at reports at the time, writing: "Grew up my whole life watching teams win championships and then go to the White House and get recognized for their greatness... regardless of who is in office I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience our nations Capital."

Watch the full discussion in the video below:

Travis Kelce 'Liked' Pics Featuring Trump | The Viewwww.youtube.com

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