Rudy Giuliani blames Antifa for capitol riots and calls Liz Cheney 'hysterical'
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As the House select committee investigates the Capital insurrection that took place on 6 January last year, comedian Trevor Noah has mocked Rudy Giuliani for his apparent role in promoting the election fraud conspiracy.

Speaking on The Daily Show, Noah made reference to the investigation that alleged that Giuliani, Trump's former lawyer was “apparently inebriated”, “intoxicated” and “had too much to drink” on the night of the insurrection.

Before all the votes, including crucial postal vots, had been counted, it is believed Giuliani told president Trump to say he had won the election and demand counting stop.

Thus began the Big Lie conspiracy that whipped up Trump’s supporters into a frenzy as they believed the election had been stolen.

Noah joked at Giuliani’s “liquid courage” to advise Trump to falsely claim he had won and also questioned how it’s even possible to tell when the former mayor of New York is drunk based on his typical behaviour.

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He said: “I’m just curious about how you even know when Rudy Giuliani is drunk? No, because when a normal person is drunk, they say crazy things, they yell, they sweat a lot.

“So how does that work for Rudy? Does it work in reverse? Like does he start talking normally? His hair dye sucks back in his hair?”

Jan. 6 Hearings: Trump Cons His Supporters & Gets Advice from Drunk Giuliani | The Daily

The host also expressed shock that Trump coordinated the mob comprised of his fans because he can’t seem to “coordinate anything in advance”.

Noah joked: “The man can’t even plan where a sentence should end.”

The initial hearing on the events of 6 January has already revealed four key takeaways, including how far-right groups were heavily involved in leading the attack.

At least seven people died in connection with the insurrection, according to a bipartisan Senate report.

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