Trump asked if ‘anyone doesn't like their kids’ and everyone said the same thing

Donald Trump gives creepy speech about 'WW3 looming' in a bid to …

Donald Trump has appeared on stage asking if ‘anyone doesn't like their kids’, and everyone said the same thing – maybe it’s more of a reflection of Trump himself than anyone else.

It came while the former president appeared at a 2024 campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa on Sunday (March 12).

There, he asked the audience if they didn’t like their children, leaving people pretty bemused on social media.

He spoke about how he’d managed to “virtually eliminate” the “unfair estate tax” while he was in office, before saying that people shouldn’t feel obliged to leave things to their children in their wills.

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“If you don’t like your kids that much or if you don’t like them at all, which happens on occasion, don’t leave them a thing,” he said.

“Does anybody in here not like their children?” Trump went on to say to the room.

“Oh, be careful. Oh, we gotta be careful with that…" he added after a crowd member put their hand up, before saying: "The problem is the fake news media is going to report that as fact, you know that? You’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

People were quick to point out that perhaps Trump was letting on more than he’d intended with the question to the crowd.

Others also pointed to the comments Trump made at an event in Iowa last November at a rally, where he said similar things about leaving money to family members.

“I always say, ’If you don’t like, leave it to charity. Some of us have horrible children!” he said.

Trump also recently gave a sinister speech for social media followers, where he claimed Joe Biden's leadership was pushing the country to being 'destroyed', and that doomsday is coming if the US doesn't bring him back into the White House.

“World War III is looming like never before in the very dark and murky background", he said.

"Hopeless Joe Biden is leading us into oblivion. We cannot let it happen. We have to take back the White House, or our country is doomed."

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