Uri Geller predicts aliens will arrive on Earth ‘within 10 to 20 years’ to prevent nuclear war

Uri Geller predicts aliens will arrive on Earth ‘within 10 to 20 years’ to prevent nuclear war
Uri Geller issues a warning to Vladimir Putin

Uri Geller has claimed that aliens will arrive on Earth “within 10 to 20 years”.

Geller, the self-proclaimed psychic, has predicted that extra terrestrial beings are setting their sights on our planet – and he thinks NASA needs to make preparations right away.

“I think in the coming 10 to 20 years there will be a landing,” Geller told The Mirror.

He doesn’t think they’re here to cause us harm, though.

“It won’t be an invasion. Wherever they come from - I think maybe two or three species out there - if they wanted to destroy us they could."

Geller even thinks the aliens are going to arrive and give us a few tips on how to keep world peace.

He went on to say: “They’re concerned we might press the red buttons and nuclear bombs will fly. They won’t want our planet destroyed.”


Geller added: “There will be a Steven Spielberg type landing. I hope they land somewhere like the White House lawn or the Eiffel Tower.

“It will be the biggest revelation in history - religiously, archaeologically, everything. It will be like finding the Arc of the Covenant.”

So there you go – if Geller is right, there’s a whole lot to look out for over the next two decades.

It’s hardly the first time Geller has spoken about aliens. In fact, he believed that UFOs were out in force on the day of the Queen’s funeral last year.

Geller previously told his Twitter followers to “watch the skies over London” on Monday, when the late monarch was laid to rest after her death aged 96.

In the post, which was accompanied by a video message, the entertainer wrote: “The Queen’s funeral. I believe ‘they’ will want to pay their respects too!

“Three months ago, a UFO flew over Her Majesty’s jubilee celebrations [and] this may happen again. Send me what you have seen or caught on camera! God Bless The Queen!”

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