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A wedding invite should only be sent to those friends and family that a happy couple truly wants at their wedding and it certainly isn't a place for a pregnant mistress.

Over on Reddit that the exact situation that one bride-to-be has found herself in after discovering that her brother, who cheated on his own wife, now wants to bring his new girlfriend, who is with child, to her big day.

Posting anonymously on the notorious subreddit 'Am I the A**hole?' the woman wrote:

Here's a more stripped down version without the embed:

A little back story my older half brother who I didn’t know growing up and lives out of state recently went through a very nasty divorce that he actually hid from me for about a year.

I have heard multiple sides to the story as to what led to the break up but it all basically goes back to my brother turning very cold hearted towards his wife, eventually cheating on her followed up by lots of mind games. I am extremely close to his ex wife and I love her very deeply.

Since she is the mother of my niece and nephew I have made it clear to my brother I am not choosing sides in this divorce because of the fact that she’s their mother. Which he supports.

I am getting married in two months and I invited both my brother and his ex wife to my wedding. His ex has made it pretty clear she does not intend to go to the wedding because my brother will be in attendance which I understand.

While my brother has recently been pestering me to allow him to take his new girlfriend to the wedding. His new girlfriend is the same girl he cheated with which makes me uncomfortable as well as my other sisters.

Since I invited his ex wife I feel as if it is rude to let him bring the girl who he cheated with to the wedding. I have expressed this to him and originally he understood. But he’s been asking me repeatedly now.

Today he gave me an ultimatum that if she can’t go he will not go. I expressed to him that if that’s how he felt about it I would be sad by his decision but would understand but I wasn’t changing my mind.

As soon as he saw I wasn’t backing off he took it back and than confessed she is 6months pregnant. This came as a shocker, I congratulated him but said that didn’t change my mind and the conversation was over.

One of my sisters says I’m an a**hole for not letting her go considering now she will be the mother to our niece or nephew while my other sister says she shouldn’t go to the wedding.

It’s important to note my sisters and I have no issue with meeting her in general, we just want it to be in a neutral situation not at the wedding.

I feel like it’s ridiculous to meet her for the first time at my wedding because of how busy I will be and for whatever reason my brother says we can not meet her prior due to scheduling. I honestly just don’t want wedding day drama.

Am I the a**hole for not letting my brother take his pregnant girlfriend to my wedding?

Thankfully for the bride, the good people of Reddit concluded that she was well within her rights, not the invite her brother and his mistress to the wedding.

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