This woman built the perfect solution for working at home with a ‘needy’ dog

This woman built the perfect solution for working at home with a ‘needy’ dog

Do you have work to do but your pet’s demands for love and attention are hindering your productivity levels? Well, this woman might just have the answer to your problems.

Simone Gertz was fighting a losing battle with her “needy” little dog so she decided to create a solution, with her pooch at the heart of the design.

Gertz fashioned what she calls the“the companion chair” – complete with a staircase for the dog – which allows her and the pet to sit together but also get on with what they need to do. Basically, Gertz needs to work and the dog needs to sleep, but apparently she won’t do that unless she’s next to her owner.

Speaking in the self-produced video, she spoke about the reason behind the chair.

“I built a chair that’s made both for humans and pets. It has a broad seat and a built-in staircase, so your cat and small dog can lay next to you whenever they want to,” she said.

“I call it the companion chair, and I built it because I have a needy dog that refuses to fall asleep if she’s not next to me.”

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After posting a clip of the full YouTube video, she got a massive reaction from Twitter users, who shared pictures of their own needy pets and all the ways in which they display their – sometimes rather annoying – love for their owners.

Here are some of cutest co-workers around.

Awww. We want one.

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