Woman asks for advice after wishing to no longer see pictures of her sister-in-law's child

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If you are a parent or at least know a couple that have just had a baby, you'll be fully aware that it is literally the only thing that they can possibly talk about and rightly so.

The miracle of life is something that should be championed but let's be honest, if it's not your child, cooing over the kid can be exhausting.

This is the dilemma a woman on Reddit discovered when she was confronted with a 30-minute slideshow of her sister-in-law's child, whenever that particular kid has a birthday.

Taking to the notorious subreddit r/AmItheA**hole the user, known only as u/gzehrer wrote:

You would think that the folks on Reddit would disagree with her but amazingly many agreed and said that she should tell her sister-in-law to stop but do it only in a considerate way.

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