Ten of the very sharpest comebacks of all time

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Tuesday 03 May 2016 17:00

Jamie Vardy's terrific comeback to Harry Kane's suggestion that Spurs would "hunt down" Leicester City in their bid to win the Premier League has been pleasing the internet today:

After Leicester secured the title on Monday night, the centre-forward posted this riposte:

It takes wit, talent and speed to produce a searing come back. Here are 10 honourable mentions in the clapback stakes:

1. Winston Churchill vs Nancy Astor

Astor: Winston, if you were my husband I'd put poison in your coffee.

Churchill: If you were my wife I'd drink it.

2. Piers Morgan vs Gary Lineker

3. Parent vs Child

4. Tulisa vs Alan Sugar vs Simon Cowell

5. JK Rowling vs a hater

6. T Boone Pickens vs Drake

7. James Blunt vs someone who didn't really ask for it, tbh

8. Marvel's Jessica Jones vs a Twitter hater

9. Barack Obama vs Matt Damon

Damon: I really think [Obama's] misinterpreted his mandate.

Obama: Matt Damon said he was disappointed in my performance. Well Matt, I just saw The Adjustment Bureau so, right back at you buddy.

10. Darth Vader vs Captain Needa

Needa: Choke, choke, gargle, gargle, hrrumpff

Vader: Apology accepted.

Boom. Vader out.

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