7 things not to do on a plane according to a flight attendant who just quit

Sunday 28 August 2016 09:00
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Ever wondered what you can’t do on a plane?

Reddit user adrianne456 quit her job as a flight attendant and decided to answer some of the most important questions about flying.

adrianne456, whose credentials have been verified by Reddit, wrote:

I've been a flight attendant for a little under two years for a regional airline that serves three of the US' major airlines.

I worked on 80 seater aircrafts with one other flight attendant and two pilots.

It's been a great experience, but today - I quit.

indy100 compiled a list of things not to do on a plane based on what adrianne456 revealed…

1. Do not take a seat in first class (unless you have a ticket)

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You will get embarrassed.

2. Don’t drink the tea or coffee

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I personally would not drink the potable water from the aircraft. So the tea, coffee...I would avoid. The water isn’t so bad but how often do you really think those tanks are cleaned?

3. Don’t try to join the Mile High Club, they know what you’re trying to do no matter how subtle you think you are

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We can pretty much see what everyone is doing on the plane for the most part. I would see two people going in the bathroom easily.

4. Don’t do a poo

Don't take a s**t on the plane. PLEASE. Sometimes I get it, you just have to go but damn, close the door behind you…

5. In fact, don’t use the bathroom while boarding either

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You are really getting in the flight attendant's way.

6. Don’t eat directly off the table trays

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The overnight crew cleans the aircraft. But I would say [they clean it], very rarely.

7. Don't sit in the back if you're scared of turbulence

Try to get a seat assignment near the front of the aircraft. Turbulence is always going to be worst in the back of the aircraft.

H/T: Reddit

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