13 incredible pictures of Europe bathed in fog

Monday 02 November 2015 10:50

If you've been outside recently you may have noticed a lot of fog hanging about.

The thick mist has caused widespread travel disruption across Europe, leading to flight cancellations and a series of weather warnings urging drivers to take extra care on roads.

According to BBC weather forecasters:

Fog is, of course, a common occurrence during the autumn... The sort we have been experiencing is known as radiation fog. It tends to form most readily on clear nights with light winds - conditions that are usually associated with high pressure systems, or anticyclones.

Granby, Nottinghamshire

Pic: PA/Wire


Pic: PA/Wire

Newark, Nottinghamshire

Pics: Getty

Manchester airport

Pic: Mike Hughes

London from the sky

Pic: Sarah Wells

Wimbledon, south-west London

Pic: Rex

Abbiategrasso, Italy

Pic: Getty

Tottenham, north London

Pic: Rex

Mintraching, Germany

Pic: Getty


Pic: Getty

Rhododendronpark Kromlau, Germany

Pic: Getty

At the beginning of October, there was fog in other part of the world too.

Like China...

Pic: Getty

And Dubai...

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