A viral joke about Anthony Scaramucci turned out to actually be true

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Tuesday 01 August 2017 08:45
Picture:(20th Century Fox)

On Monday, Anthony Scaramucci almost beat Lady Jane Grey's record for shortest time in an important job, after being fired after just 10 days.

The whirlwind that was the President's foul mouthed new mouthpiece, had only just started to get involved in Washington's political scene before he was swiftly sent packing.

Normally it takes satirists longer than that, to work out how to lampoon a public figure.

Some takes on Scaramucci, were bang on however.

On 21 July, 10 per cent into his tenure as White House Communications Director, Scaramucci was joked about on Twitter by Ike Barinholtz

Anthony Scaramucci looks like an extra in Wolf of Wall Street that they had to fire because he kept trying to talk to Leo

Most of this take, comes from the fact Scaramucci has a background in finance.

You can tell what's coming, can't you?

Yeah. It's what you think it is.

On Monday, the day of his firing, the Daily Beast reported that the former aide to President Trump, paid $100,000 USD to be an extra in the movie Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

So Barinholtz just had the wrong heartthrob, it was Shia, not Leo that he wanted to appear next to.

The hundred grand was reportedly spent on 15 seconds of screen time, plus the logo of his company SkyBridge Capital being displayed prominently during a film sequence at a charity gala.

The clip of his screen time was shared by the Daily Beast.

The connection between Holtz's clairvoyance, and the Daily Beast story, came from Matthew Christman.

'The Mooch' may have had the last laugh though. According to the Daily Beast, President Donald Trump was also in a scene of the 2010 film.

His scene was cut.

HT Matthew Christman, Daily Beast

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